God damn.


God damn.

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I have a YouTube Channel!!!!! @1derfulnatasha subscribe to me babesssss. Promise you won’t regret it! en We Heart It -


I have a YouTube Channel!!!!! @1derfulnatasha subscribe to me babesssss. Promise you won’t regret it! en We Heart It -

Anonymous said: Can you do something where Harry bumps into y/n and complements y/n's eyes? And also, may I give a description of y/n's eyes, they are an ocean blue laced with anonymous stripes of a seaweed green and wavy grey, and surrounding her pupils is a thin ring of an orange, brownish, gold? Btw's, I love your work!


A/N: Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! :-) I kind of wrote this like an AU meme and I’m sorry that I used the whole typical coffee shop scenario, I didn’t have any other ideas! I hope you like it though!

Harry’s P.O.V.

"Who ordered the medium caramel macchiato?" My coworker Jessica announced to the typical 7am morning rush. Starbucks at 7am was always an adventure and that adventure was my morning routine. Everyday I would be faced with crowds of people lined up at the counter with sleepy eyes and pouts on their faces while they waited for their coffees to be made so they would perk up. It was riveting… "Medium caramel macchiato!" Jess announced louder this time and a man finally grabbed his drink from the counter while simultaneously shooting her a nasty ‘I’m-tired-leave-me-alone’ look. The chaos commenced and people with sour attitudes continued to pour in the doors.

"Harry I need you to start taking orders," Jessica said while pouring a light brown colored liquid into a blender. I nodded in agreement and began to take orders, collect money and avoid looking into the eyes of our zombie-like customers for too long.

After what seemed like years, 7am finally turned into 10:30 and the chaotic early risers were finally gone. The store was much more peaceful at this time of day and the customers were much more relaxed.

"Here you go," I said to an older woman when I handed her her coffee. She gave me a polite smile and left the building leaving me bored. I leaned against the counter while waiting for someone else to come up to the counter to order something. Jess was taking a quick break so I was left alone which I didn’t mind.

Finally the bell on the door chime signaling that someone was coming inside. I moved over to the register and waited for the person to come up to the counter. A girl around my age was looking down at the small refrigerator next to the counter. She grabbed a yogurt and placed it on the counter while rummaging through her bag for her money.

"I’ll have just a regular coffee," she said politely and she finally pulled out her wallet. She looked up at me and our eyes locked.

"That’ll be…" My throat went dry and my heart started pounding when I saw the perfection that was her eyes. They were a piercing blue color with a medley of other perfect colors woven into them. I frantically tried to remember how to speak because she nearly took the breath out of me. "3.50." I said softly. Her eyebrow raised lightly but a smile was evident on her face. She handed me her money and I handed her back her change; my fingertips lightly brushing against the palm of her hand as I did.

I then moved behind the counter to make her coffee while I felt her big beautiful eyes watching me. I mentally prayed that I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself and spill coffee on myself or even worse, on her. I shook the thought from my head and finished making her coffee. I quickly pulled a sharpie from the counter and scratched out a quick note on her cup before handing it to her.

"Your eyes are almost as breathtaking as you."

I handed her the cup while lightly biting down on my lower lip. At first she didn’t notice the note I had quickly scratched onto her cup but when she went to add sugar to her drink she noticed.

"Hey," she said softly to me. I quickly peered up at her and felt my knees going weak when she looked me in the eyes. "Thank you." She said after a few seconds. "That’s probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me."

I felt my cheeks turning red but I tried to play it off. “It’s no problem.” I shrugged. “It’s not everyday that someone so perfect comes in here.” Her smile widened and she looked down at her feet then back up at me.

"I’m Y/N and you’re very sweet," she said to me. My heart started doing that annoying thing where it pounded loudly in my chest again.

"Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Harry." I paused while trying to think of something to say to her but I was at a loss for words for perhaps the tenth time within only ten minutes.

"Well Harry would you like to maybe go out sometime," she said shyly. Her eyes softened a bit and I smiled.

"That would be great, just no coffee shops please. I’m so sick of the smell of coffee," I teased and she laughed lightly while nodding her head.

"Okay, no coffee it is." She said between laughs. I could’ve died right there and been happy because her laugh was the most angelic thing I ever heard. "I’ll see you around." She said before turning away to leave but before she did she grabbed a napkin from the table. Another person walked inside so I had to divert my attention from her. I heard the bell chime and she was gone.

A soft sigh left my lips while I went to prepare the order I just took. On the counter was a napkin with the following words scratched onto it:

"Your smile is almost as wonderful as you are."

Her telephone number followed the note. A smile grew on my face for the eleventh time so far today (if my previous calculations were correct) and I then quickly folded the napkin and placed it in my pocket. The person whose order I was preparing probably thought I was crazy for smiling at a napkin but I was starting to become crazy. Crazy for Y/N that is.

"You may not be beautiful like her, but you’re beautiful like you."

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when two of your friends get into an argument and they both try to drag you in for support and you’re like


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perfect has 7 letters and so does meeeeee

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